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April 2016


    Pregnancy: 26 Weeks

    Despite my first-trimester fears that I’d be pregnant forever, I’m somehow nearing the third trimester! I decided to start this blog to capture some of my impressions and feelings about this journey. My sister and I shared a blog for about a year and I loved looking back on those memories (and wish every day that we kept it up!).

    So, here we go!

    26 Weeks Pregnancy Update



    The little guy is the size of a hothouse cucumber, a scallion, or “a kale”. These produce comparisons are starting to crack me up because those three vegetable sizes seem wildly inconsistent to me. I actually prefer looking at the normal measurements, which say he’s 14″ and 1.75 lbs. I told Jason this week I felt so proud of our little one to learn he’s already 1.75 pounds because I remember waiting so, so long for him to reach the ONE lb mark!

    He’s been so active – I can feel the difference between a kick and a roll, and I can see the outside of my belly moving around with him when I look down. Somehow, his movements don’t bother me in the slightest and I actually love knowing he’s along for the ride with me every day, like my little kangaroo buddy. I try to sing to him or play him music every night, and he definitely gets kicking then. I’ve been singing “You are my sunshine” a lot, but yesterday I looked up the (very depressing)  lyrics outside of the popular refrain, and we’re going to stick with the few lines I know for now! I also love “What a Wonderful World” – it makes me cry every. single. time.


    It’s been a tough week for me physically. I’ve been feeling so great from about weeks 17 through now, but after a friend’s baby shower on Sunday, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion that was pretty killer. That’s been hard to shake, but I’ve also developed some strange pain that shoots down my left leg. Tuesday I was convinced I’d never walk again! (Hey dramatic pregnancy hormones!) Thankfully it’s improved significantly since then, but it’s still kept me from working out or even long walks, which I miss on the sanity front.

    I’ve been craving ice cream and temporarily quelled that with a box of the new Yasso mint chocolate chip Greek yogurt bars – which disappeared in 2 days. Probably best not to keep those in the house for now!


    Despite feeling physically crappy, I feel more and more connected to this little peanut each week and on most days I feel overjoyed and anxious to meet him. (#Rollercoaster!) I think nesting may be kicking in because I’ve been really motivated to get little things done around our place each day. J put the crib together last weekend, we have the painters scheduled, and we’re waiting on our dresser to come in May. Tonight we have a date to go check out Room & Board to hopefully pick out a glider for his room, which would make all of our major furniture purchases complete! I’m excited to get that stage done so that I can start decorating around it.

    We are heading to Marco Island next week for our babymoon and I’m so, so excited we pulled the trigger on this. We almost didn’t because things feel so crazy with all of our weekends these days, but we figured we’d get our to do list completed eventually and a little getaway would do us good. We’ll get to see good friends that live in the state (and celebrate their adorable daughter’s 2nd birthday!) and get lots of relaxation in. I read a comment about “Marco Island midnight” being 9:15PM and I knew we picked the perfect destination. Give me all of the virgin pina coladas and just let me float.

    Pic Collage: Weeks 13-22


    I’ve been so good at taking a weekly bump selfie until we went to Arizona for my sister’s wedding. I’m determined to pick it back up now, but I’m bummed that I won’t have a true weekly progression at the end. I’d come so far! I remember thinking at week 13 – “I have a bump!” Ha, ha past self. I’m sure I’ll think the same thing weeks 38-39 when I consider how “huge” I feel these days.

    I love seeing how much he’s grown every week. Dealing with such massive changes to my body on a daily basis has not been easy to swallow, but I’m able to maintain a better perspective on the whole thing when I focus on HIM growing versus ME growing!

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