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May 2016


    Illustration: Baby in a Bear Hat

    Illustration: Baby in a Bear Hat

    I just completed and shared this illustration on my portfolio site, LL Creative. This was a particularly insane week at work, so spending some time working on this was a much needed mental break. I have always loved babies in animal hats (who doesn’t?) and I can’t believe I’ll have one of my own.

    We’re heading back to school this weekend with back to back baby classes at Northwestern! Up first is infant care, and tomorrow is the hilarious and optimistically named Great Expectations, Northwestern’s version of the birthing class. I’m weirdly excited about it all. It feels nice to be actively doing something (besides adding things to my Amazon registry) in anticipation of the little guy’s arrival.

    It also looks like a beautiful weekend here in my beloved/temperamental hometown, so I’m looking forward to some mocktails outside and a chance to wear something other than maternity jeans.

    Cheers to the weekend, friends!


    “Sleep while you can!” and other thoughts from the weekend


    Dinner with the family to celebrate my mama’s birthday!


    Food poisoning has done to damper my pregnancy mango obsession.


    Blitzen embraces the advice to “sleep while you can” at every opportunity.


    Bump buddies! Being preggo with my best friend has been an incredibly fun and lucky experience. And we finally got a picture to document it!

    This weekend was a busy one! Heading into weekends that busy always feels a little daunting, but I managed to get in enough rest to be heading into this week recharged.

    On Friday night, I did a little shopping at Nordstrom and picked up a birthday gift for my mom along with a maxi dress and tank top for me. I was so excited about the dress and tank top in the store but once I tried them on again at home, I’m pretty sure their biggest appeal was that they fit me — so they’re going back. I’m finding it harder to purchase maternity clothes right now: why not just wait?

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    Pregnancy, Travel, Weekly Pregnancy Updates

    Pregnancy: 28 Weeks


    It would be impossible for me to separate a scary food poisoning incident of this past weekend from any sort of update about the baby, so this will be a long one. On our beautiful, perfect-until-it-wasn’t babymoon, our whole group came down with terrible food poisoning. We can pinpoint it to one meal that we all shared because our friends’ daughter only ate the same thing as us once. It was a very upscale breakfast buffet at our resort hotel, and it was likely either something happening with the bacon, the fruit or the eggs – the three things all five of us ate in some form that morning.

    Thanks to a suppressed immune system, I ended up heading to the hospital the following morning because I couldn’t keep any water down and could tell that I was severely dehydrated. We found a great labor and delivery center at the closest hospital who administered three bags of fluids and kept an ear on the baby’s heartbeat for a few hours. Once we were sure he was okay and that I was on the right track, J and I made the drive to Miami, rebooked our flights for the next morning, and slept in an airport hotel for about 18 hours until we had to leave in the morning.

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