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August 2016

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    Illustration: New Mom and Babe

    Originally posted on my portfolio site at LL-Creative


    Since I officially exhausted every viable Netflix series during my third trimester, I’m trying to find ways to occupy myself during naptime besides binge watching terrible daytime TV and watching the new Instagram stories. I’m getting better at napping when Hudson naps, but only for ONE nap a day, and Huds is clocking in six daily naps at the moment.

    Creating this illustration made the lulls in between baby snuggles fly by, and I hope to keep going with these.

    I think the best advice I got while I was still pregnant was from a friend, also a new mama, who said: “Always shower. If you have the choice to sleep or shower, choose the shower. You’ll be tired no matter what but if you shower you’ll feel better the rest of the day.” So true! But most days it ends there. Working on this illustration made me want to get out of pajamas, put some makeup on and maybe even… blowdry my hair? Definitely tomorrow. Probably. Maybe. 🙂

    Baby, Milestones

    The first two weeks


    Week two of our ongoing PJ party. Hudson favors a diaper-only look.

    How has it already been two weeks? I told Jason the other day that I’ve always been baffled by people who say things like, “I forgot to eat lunch today!”

    Who forgets to eat? How is that possible?

    Well, I get it now. Time with a new baby seems to fly by — which is so confusing because we’re actually doing so very little. I mean, besides sustaining a tiny human life and all.

    Which turns out — is actually a pretty all-consuming job! Things have changed so much in almost two weeks so I’ll start from the beginning.

    In the hospital

    In the hospital, Hudson was a total champ — which was fitting, because he was born on the first day of the Olympics. Our little guy didn’t cry for any of his shots or really much at all, other than when he was hungry. And like his mama and daddy, when he is hungry — it’s serious! He’s like a tiny Tasmanian devil until he’s located and latched on to his food source, twisting, grunting, flailing limbs and generally freaking out. But insert milk, total calm ensues. It’s hilarious and I sort of hope it never ends.

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    The birth story: and then there was Hudson


    Our little guy, 4 days after delivery.


    Welcome to the world, Hudson!


    My absolute favorite picture of the delivery and probably of all time.


    Our first family picture 🙂

    Can I be so obvious as to start this by saying the best things are worth waiting for?

    After 40 weeks and 5 days of waiting to meet our little mystery man, he decided to make his way into this world — and now ours will never be the same.

    The start of it all

    The day before I went into labor was a Thursday, and my sixth day off work waiting for him with nothing to do but obsess about his impending arrival — or impending induction. I was exhausted from two weeks worth of old wives’ tales and decided to stop the madness. No more acupuncture! No more dates! No more raspberry leaf tea! Not even another walk! I was just done, and spent most of the day reading by the pool.

    Friday morning around 3:30am, I woke up with some light cramps and tried not to let myself get my hopes up again. But that was a lost cause as they continued on and off, and I started timing them to look for a pattern. There was pretty much no pattern to be had for the rest of the night: 12 minutes in between, 8 minutes, 19 minutes, so I said a little prayer in between each round that whatever was happening would bring us our baby boy.

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