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November 2016


    Illustration: My Favorite Things


    The holidays feel extra special this year thanks to our little man, and while the ol’ social schedule of cocktail hours and holiday parties ain’t what it used to be, we’ve still got lots of fun Hudson-friendly activities lined up over the next few weeks.

    Including our first ever Santa photo! Thankfully we found a Santa in our neighborhood that doesn’t require a mall trip, and I am extremely excited. I can’t decide whether to hope for a perfect smile out of him, or for the classic meltdown photo. Either way, it’s the start of an annual tradition until I can no longer dress him/prop him up on strangers’ laps for photos, so buckle up, bud!

    Cheers, friends! Happy Friday.

    Life Lately

    Life Lately


    All smiles these days. Life is good!

    Blog, I’ve missed you! Nothing like a contentious election, a trip to Mexico and Thanksgiving to really derail the ol’ creativity. But I’m back, with so much to share! I never did get around to that three month update on Hudson, but since we’re heading into 4 months in just about a week (what?!) I’ll combine all of Hudson’s latest favorites and feats into one update then.

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    4 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Newborn Son


    Thanks to my sis for this awesome picture of Hudson telling me who’s boss.

    Hudson is 3 months old! I can’t wait to share a 3-month post with more updates about life these days. But in the meantime, I’m feeling rather introspective (can I still blame hormones 3 months postpartum?) and have been thinking about how much I’ve learned in just three short months.

    We are so, so laughably far from experts at this parenting thing, but we are the world’s top experts on Hudson. And while we are realizing that while so much of parenting is teaching your child the ropes of you know, being alive, Hudson is also teaching us a ton about ourselves, our relationship, and of course—him.  So thanks, buddy, for the life lessons! Here’s a few of my favorites.


    At 32, I’m pretty good at living life. (Stay with me here, I’m getting to the humility part!) I’ve been functioning as an adult—in name, if not in practice, anyway—for the last 14 years, and I’ve managed to create a life I love and have a lot of fun along the way. So most days, pre-baby, I walked the earth thinking I sort of had things figured out.

    Enter Hudson, immediately chuck self assurance out the window. For the first time in a long time, I have no clue what to do far more often than not. For such tiny things, babies have a remarkable way of turning your entire world upside down.

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