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August 2017


    Hudson’s One Year Recap Video

    If you love sappy music, semi-redundant photos of a smiley baby, and my terrible, high-pitched baby voice—I have JUST the video for you!

    I really had no plans to share this video outside of our immediate family but since I FORGOT THE CORD to actually play this slideshow at his birthday party… you are welcome.

    When I decided to make a slideshow of photos and videos of Hudson’s first year, I thought it would be… a fun little project.

    I could not have underestimated this project any less. This was a HUMUNGOUS UNDERTAKING thanks to my lack of restraint with the photo taking and the literal 10K photos/videos I had to sort through to get it down to about one a day. I fear I’ve set a terrible precedent for myself that I will have to do this again if and when we ever have a second child, ha.

    But! It’s done and I’m so, so glad I did this. Seeing Hudson grow and change this year from a tiny (ish—my 9-pounder was probably not what most people would call tiny) pink infant into the grinning, gap-toothed, beautiful boy that he is today… it’s incredible. How did all of that happen in one year? Ah, life. Hudson will probably think I’m bananas for doing this when he’s old enough to understand it, but I’ll always treasure it. #crazymomstatus.

    Cheers, friends.

    Life Lately

    Five on Friday

    WHERE did this week go? I blinked, and it’s Friday. I’m extra excited for this weekend because we’re dropping Hudson off at Grandma and Papa’s so that J and I can enjoy a date night and a Cubs game on Saturday.

    It’s also one of my husband’s favorite weekends of the year: the Air and Water Show! (This is slightly crass but a coworker once referred to the AWS as “war porn” which always pops into my mind this time of year!) I also like watching the planes, but the crowds I can do without 😃 So typically our solution is just watching the show from our own balcony, which we’ll do a bit of but also plan to head down to the beach today while they’re practicing to get a little bit closer to the water action. If we’ve got the childcare, we’re getting out of the condo.

    Without further ado, here are five of my favorite things from this week.

    The Field Museum

    Easily my favorite memory this week! My BFF had the day off work so we planned to take the little ones to the zoo, or the aquarium in case of rain. Apparently we’re amateurs because the entire world goes to the aquarium in the summer if it rains, and the line was ridiculous. So we bailed and headed to… The Field Museum! Otherwise known as the least baby-friendly museum in Chicago.

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    Hudson’s First Birthday Party

    I took exactly zero of the photos in this post. Thank you, friends and family!

    Hudson’s first birthday party ended up being pretty much perfect. And I don’t say that to toot my own party-planning horn! I’m super happy with the way the party came together. But in retrospect, the success of the day was 100% due to the company and the huge smile on his face all day long, and had very little to do with food or decor. I am convinced he knew it was all for him and just hung out all day with his favorite people and got some new zoom-zoom’s. What more could a baby ask for?

    The one thing that I was clear about from the very start was keeping it as small and simple as possible so that we could just relax and focus on Hudson… and also because I have a tendency to get a little crazy with these things 😃

    I thought I’d recap how it all came together.

    The Location + The Guest List

    If you had told me a year ago how much time I would spend in our condo this year with Hudson, I would never have believed you. (I remember thinking how easy it would be to just bring him down to the pool this summer in a little crib to nap in while he wasn’t swimming with us. LOL.) But as it turns out, I have loved being home so often. So I really, really wanted to have the party here, where he’s most comfy and because it just felt like the right place to celebrate the last 365 days.

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