Join me for a champagne flight and a giant macaron.

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I’m a new Chicago mama, and I started this blog as a journal to capture all of the memories and moments that are flying by far too fast. My husband, cat-child and I recently welcomed baby Hudson into our little family in August 2016. I am nothing short of obsessed with my child, as is evidenced by my monthly novellas on all of his cute quirks and developments.

I work in marketing by day and maintain a portfolio of illustrations and design (my biggest passion and hobby!) over at LL Creative. I’m also into cooking, traveling, reading, working out… and wine and Bravo.

The name of this blog is a nod to the Frank Sinatra song about Chicago, “My Kind of Town.” One of the first questions we’re often asked by friends, family, or even strangers is how long we’re planning on staying in the city. Having lived here for 13 years now with no intentions of leaving, both my husband and I are slightly defensive of the implication that Chicago is anything less than amazing for residents of any age! We’re really excited about the prospect of raising our little guy here in a city we love so very, very much.

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