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    Illustration: Halloween

    I was going to say… I haven’t done an illustration in FOR-EVER but then I realized that’s not true. I actually created a series of FOUR illustrations of women in tech for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Tech–a conference of 18,000 women working in technology. I also attended the conference (my first work trip away from Hudson!) and everything about that event is just amazing.

    Between the conference, a few freelance clients I’m working with, a new OKOT project that I’m SUPER excited to share soon and oh yeah–a curious, mobile Hudson… I’m not sure where September and the first half of October went.

    I shared on my portfolio site where I originally posted this girl that I’m finally feeling into Halloween this year (I was VERY into it in college, then subsequently over it for the last 10 years, ha.) and I think it’s because Halloween marks the start of the holiday season.

    I need to work on a Hudson update so that I can share all of his fun quirks and tricks lately. I think I finally believe every parent in the history of the world who says: “it just keeps getting better!”

    Happy Halloween, friends!


    Toddler Parenting, on a Loop

    I started writing down all of the things I say to Hudson, all day, every day… and I suspect I may not be alone. I have the fuzziest memories of my own mom saying more than a few of these sentences between my siblings and I, and at the park if I listen to the chatter around us, I’m likely to hear at least a few of these one-liners. (Side note: the toddlers are having way more fun. A little boy sprinted up to Hudson and I the other day, yelled “MY NEW JACKET IS SO COOOOOOL!!!” and then ran away again. Imagine if adults retained toddler-like levels of spontaneity and enthusiasm for life. “OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS LATTE!!!” “AHHHHH YOU FORGOT TO ATTACH THE FILE!!”)

    I’m not really sure what to call Hudson at almost 14 months–he’s floating somewhere in between baby and toddler-hood. Today (against my will) I’m going with toddler because in most ways he’s totally unrecognizable from the baby I brought home from the hospital not very long ago. But: totally still a baby. Right?!

    Hudson these days is mischievous, hilarious, dramatic, sweet, and did I mention mischievous? He’ll plant his little feet, look at me out of the corner of his eye, and utter quietly, with conviction, “Nyo.” as he’s doing something that he knows he shouldn’t, like touching the tv. (Hudson unintentionally does amazing accents… he says “NYO!” for no like a Russian child and a sing-song “MAma!” like an Italian baby. It’s so great.)

    I find myself saying the same things all. day. long. I would draw the obvious Groundhog’s Day comparison, but on the other hand he’s always finding new things to put in his mouth so really it’s always a new adventure. The other day I fished an acorn cap out of his mouth after we’d been inside for at least 15 minutes. #winning

    And there’s eating: all of his once-favorite foods are now dramatically flung to the floor with a look of horror and disgust on his face. Also, he reaches his little arm out backwards, behind the chair to drop the food, as though the invading bite of chicken doesn’t even deserve to be in his line of sight. How do you not laugh at that so as not to encourage him?

    So I’m resigned to being a bit of a broken record for the foreseeable future. But as always–I wouldn’t trade this for the world. And anyway, wasn’t I just up five times a night to feed him and Googling to make sure he was making the appropriate amount of eye contact for a baby of 3 weeks? Oh man. It goes so fast.

    Deep Thoughts

    Featured on PopSugar Moms – To the Man Who Made Me Cry at the Pool: Thank You

    2017 has been a weird year for me to process. On one hand, it’s been a dream: seeing my little baby grow from a completely dependent little snuggle bug into a still mostly dependent but very mobile little boy who says both MAMA and CHEESE a lot is awesome.
    On the other hand, every time I read the news I feel like I’m in a looney bin/alternate universe/dystopian nightmare. I find it unlikely that 2017 is going down as a spectacular year in the Wikipedia overview, despite my personal joys. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the life that lies ahead and worrying about how the choices that I’m making or our leaders are making will affect the landscape of Hudson’s future.
    Even though those that know my sappy self well will likely respond, “well, it IS a Monday” to me tearing up about an off-hand comment from a stranger… I recently did just that, and got a much-needed reminder about the only way to deal with the overwhelm. If you’d like to read about it, PopSugar featured my essay the other day! (Another positive mark for 2017 😃)
    If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link!

    To the Man Who Made Me Cry at the Pool: Thank You