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Deep Thoughts

    Deep Thoughts

    Featured on PopSugar Moms – To the Man Who Made Me Cry at the Pool: Thank You

    2017 has been a weird year for me to process. On one hand, it’s been a dream: seeing my little baby grow from a completely dependent little snuggle bug into a still mostly dependent but very mobile little boy who says both MAMA and CHEESE a lot is awesome.
    On the other hand, every time I read the news I feel like I’m in a looney bin/alternate universe/dystopian nightmare. I find it unlikely that 2017 is going down as a spectacular year in the Wikipedia overview, despite my personal joys. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the life that lies ahead and worrying about how the choices that I’m making or our leaders are making will affect the landscape of Hudson’s future.
    Even though those that know my sappy self well will likely respond, “well, it IS a Monday” to me tearing up about an off-hand comment from a stranger… I recently did just that, and got a much-needed reminder about the only way to deal with the overwhelm. If you’d like to read about it, PopSugar featured my essay the other day! (Another positive mark for 2017 😃)
    If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link!

    To the Man Who Made Me Cry at the Pool: Thank You

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    The Summer of Yes

    Maybe my favorite picture of Hudson ever – post-pool time joy

    I’m going to shock you with my opening statement: ten months is THE most fun age ever.

    (New readers, welcome. I have said some version of that sentence every month!)

    It’s suddenly like hanging out with a real, live person all day—a hilarious, top-heavy little person who’s started to give intentional hugs and say our names. Peak cuteness, as a friend described it recently.

    But peak cuteness ain’t free, and the price we pay for this adorable age is managing an increasingly strong, opinionated little guy who can’t be left alone for a second.

    I know, this is all babies! But for this first time mom, it’s been an adjustment. I sort of… forgot? that we’d have new challenges to work through together once we got the whole eating and sleeping newborn gig down. So this is why they say you’ll never pee be alone again.

    All of this is to say that it’s a lot of work. (And all of the experienced moms in the world collectively said, “duh.”)

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    Deep Thoughts

    Thoughts After Nine Months of Nursing

    I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on breastfeeding since I officially finished nursing Hudson earlier this month. How can I not when it dominated the last 9 months of my life by a mile? But I keep putting it off, and I think that much of my hesitance in writing about this topic stems from the overwhelming amount of hyper-opinionated information available online. I am confident that women do not need any further resources—especially in the form of opinions—to help them make up their minds about the very personal decision of infant feeding.

    In my nine months as a mom, I’ve never witnessed any real-life mom shaming on the feeding topic: no snarky comments about nursing in public, no side-eye for a mom’s decision to feed her baby formula. In my in-person mom’s group, about half the moms were nursing, and about half were on formula. Nobody seemed to care much either way about what the other moms were doing on the feeding front—we were all too busy trying to figure out how on earth to get our babies to sleep. The internet, however, is another story. Facebook mom groups and new mama forums can be a black hole of over sharing, projection, and judgment, but of course the extremes always tend to get more airplay online. I would venture to guess that most moms are much more moderate about their views on the whole thing than the stories told online will lead you to believe.

    I’m firmly in the camp of: you do what’s right for you, your baby, your family. One of the great secrets of adulthood is that no one has any earthly idea what they’re doing—we’re all just trying to figure this parenting thing out. So today, I’m just sharing my story; how we made the decision to breastfeed, and how it all went for my son and I.

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